Cork, hemp and flax. Held together with plant derived bio resin. 

Cork, hemp and flax. Held together with plant derived bio resin. 


Making boards is my passion... 

My mission is to create a range of different craft, to help people enjoy and engage with the ocean, using the best possible materials sourced as close as possible to where the boards are produced and used.

 I call it 'Surfcraft'

A custom order typically begins with a chat via email, or over a cuppa in the workshop about the kind of wave riding board you have in mind; we will talk about where you want the board to be used, how you want the board to behave, and what kind of finish you want. 

I don't have a price list. Every craft I make is unique, just like every customer, so after we have chatted about what your want from your next board, and agreed on what materials we are going to use, I can give you an accurate quote and take a deposit. 

To create your dream board from scratch typically takes from 4-8 weeks, depending on workload and if I am busy doing SUP lessons! Your patience is really appreciated, it's best not to rush these things; I put my soul into every board I make, and I want it to be perfect!  

Like most board builders in the UK, I struggle to compete with mass produced boards, shipped here from overseas, but I pride myself on using the highest quality materials, sourced entirely from other businesses in the South of England.

I use cork in most of my builds, it's strong and light and it can be harvested without harming the tree, unlike other veneers used in the construction of modern boards. I use flax/hemp in my builds and the resin I use has one of the highest bio content on the market. 

Everything else I do, including working three jobs, is so that I can continue to pursue this craft and develop my skill as a board builder.   

If you have an idea for a custom SUP, surf, skim, wake, ironing board, give me a shout and let's make it happen. 

Have a scroll through my Instagram feed to see some recent custom orders! 


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